REvolve: A New Type Of Controller

April 4, 2013

The REvolve is a controller with a slight difference, instead of the R analogue stick, it has been replaced with a trackball! Pretty cool huh.

The controller, is actually an improvement from it’s predece…… predeces…… Daddy. By making a big leap and changing it into the wireless generation, which is a big deal nowadays.

Here’s a picture of the prototype controller:

Yes well done. You don’t need to tell me that it has 2 USB’s. I was curious about that myself so I contacted the person running the project, to which he replied:

Regarding the dual-USB: In its current form it connects via USB to provide both native gamepad input and native mouse input. So the two are separate but parallel. This is to provide a broad support format. In the future we may look to provide other combinations of output as well.


Good ol’ Pete! :D

Basically, one USB is for the gamepad, and another is for the trackball, because technically the trackball is just a mouse.

I also asked him what his plans were for the REvolve, I won’t sum it up. I’ll make my job easier and just quote:

In the form we are aiming to build, it will be targeting use on PC’s natively and on Android-based devices, providing the same native gamepad and mouse input. I have also been exploring interfacing with console systems using third-party translator, which has been overall good, but the current prototype has some limitations to get a solid demo. I have been trying to find time to capture a little video of what that looks like so far.

Okay, I’ll sum it up. He is focusing for the PC and Android devices for it to be used on, and also is exploring ideas about connecting it to consoles which seems to be going well!

The REvolve has an interesting history actually, our mate Pete here originally pitched it to Sony but unfortunately they decided against it, saying to him ‘I’m afraid the controller might provide a competitive advantage’. Had they known that 7 years later our ears will be bleeding from 12 year olds shouting in their microphone, on the innovative, once-a-year game known as CoD. They may have changed there mind.
The first controller is designed to be like a PlayStation controller because it was made with for the PS2 in mind. It still bears a remarkable resemblance, and they didn’t stray too far from the original design of it (unlike this one). The controllers design still looks modern, flashy, and…….. Awesome.

I asked him more about his aim with consoles, because this is what would make me buy it. He replied with;

What I’m working with is a translator designed to enable players to use a mouse/keyboard combination with their PS3 (or Xbox360). The REvolve connects to the translator, (like a dongle) then that provides a bridge to the PS3 producing a very natural feeling movement from the mouse/ball input via the console system’s joystick input. The connection is currently using the wired USB – later wireless USB via Bluetooth or direct Bluetooth link if available.

Above, where he said there were ‘limitations’, he told me that the console version is not working properly, where the ‘translator’ he has made was recognising the mouse input, but not the gamepad itself!

Pete is being very clever on this one, creating a controller that works with both home consoles, Android platforms, and also the PC & Mac. Yay! Everyone wins!

Want a video of it? Of course you do ;)

This video is of the controller which is connected to the PS3, although the gamepad does not work, with the demo of the REvolve trackball in place, how can you not like it?

It is easy say that this controller is based around FPS games, or any first person game, but it will still be great on plenty other games…….

Games like the ever so popular Diablo, and for you classic gamers out there, Age Of Mythology!


Wait, he didn’t just change the stick with a ball. What do the insides look like?

Here you go!

I will be backing this when I get the chance, and although it has around 30 days to go, it is still a beastly $52,000 away from its mark and has only got $7,200 so far. I think that this controller is a revolution (get it?…….. ball…… revolution…… ba…. Okay, I know it was bad) in console gaming, and will also make PC fanboys be quiet about how ‘mouse gives you better accuracy’.
Shutup(oh yeah I’m not allowed to be rude) Pretty please with a cherry on top. Now shutup.

How’s that?

If you fancy this controller, you can pledge money to his kickstarter page HERE.

If the controller reaches it’s goal and more, then the project owner will try to change the design into triggers, rather than buttons which is what it is at the moment. (Remember? It’s designed like the PS2 controller)

At the moment, you unfortunately cannot buy the corded controller. So if you want one of these pieces of awesomeness, you can pledge $40 towards the project, and if it is successful, you will be getting your REvolve. (In October 2013)

It’s not my fault there’s so many amazing things on kickstarter!

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