RIF2RAP File Converter Released

December 11, 2012

If you are like me you would definitely add this to your collection of tools for the PlayStation 3 console. Developer Eslab has released a converter tool that will convert .rif files to .rap files. Also, unlike Rap2Rif, this app is for computers running Windows. However there are some requirements. You will need to obtain your act.dat file from your PS3 as well as your PS3’s idps. You can grab the act.dat file via dev_hdd0/home/00000000X/exdata. To obtain the consoles idps you will need to dump the PS3’s NAND or NOR, depending on which type of console you have, using multiMAN, or any other preferred method.You can get the lowdown on how to obtain the idps from the PS3 development wiki


Here is a Q & A from ps3repack member mikufans:

Q: How to get my act.dat?
A: PS3 file path:

A: Dump your PS3 flash, and visit http://www.ps3devwiki.com/wiki/IDPS You don’t need to downgrade your console. The latest MM supports flash dump.

Q: How to import the rap?
A: Install the ReActPsn 2.23.pkg, tested OK on 4.30CFW V2.03

Download: rif2rap

Source: PS3Repack

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