Rockstar clarify: leaks about GTA V are all fake, release date is the same: Let’s end this.

August 24, 2013

A lot of GTA V information has been leaked from yesterday till now with no comment from Rockstar, as every one on the internet knows that the game appeared to download on PSN by mistake and many people downloaded it and start posting files and screens on the internet, also i was surprised a couple minutes ago i discovered that the game has been uploaded to the torrent websites!!!

Rockstar finally commented about it and clarified that every thing leaked is totally fake:

“As we get closer and closer to game launch, there will be lots of people around the internet posting supposed leaked information about the game. Please do not proliferate such things here as we certainly don’t want any misinformation spread from things that are fake nor do we want spoilers spread regarding anything that might be true.”

Also many people worried that the company might approached the release date because of the Pre-Load version, The company has also denied that:

“Anyone engaging in such discussion here at the Rockstar Newswire before September 17th will have commenting privileges revoked until well after the game’s release. Thank you for understanding, Rockstar Games.”

You can check some soundtrack ripped from the original game from here.


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