Rogero 3.55 DEX CFW With Peek/Poke

July 24, 2012

A developer we are all familiar with for his Custom Firmware and backup manager, Rogero has released a new PUP for DEX users. This release comes loaded with Peek/Poke and a downgrade function built in. This is a good step forward in the PS3 scene for getting a new CFW, but remember without the keys a 4.XX CFW cannot be made.

That being said there is a tutorial out there that will tell you how to load your backups with using a DEX firmware and the Sony BD emulator but it can be tricky and you run the risk of bricking your console.  If you are going to try it be very careful.

Here’s a DEX 3.55 CFW with both Peek/Poke and Downgrader features built-in:


– it can be used as a normal 3.55DEX FW that can run Backups.
– it can be used for Downgrading back to 3.55DEX from 3.55+ DEX FW versions.

no more need to use 2 different 3.55-DEX PUPs.

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