Rogero 4.3 and 4.21 CEX V2 Released

November 21, 2012

Rogero has been a pretty big player in the PS3 scene these days with his own brand of custom firmware. While it has been a little time since we have seen any substantial progress from such work, today brings the dawn of version 2 for 4.30 and 4.21 custom firmware options. As you can bet the list of new features here is really quite exhaustive, but I’m going to do my best to fill you guys in on all of the more key details. Quite possibly the biggest overall change here is that the firmware itself has been more or less completely redesigned from the ground up to work with more of the official firmware files. Instead of using a hodgepodge of DEX and CEX mods like it has been done in the past, this alteration provides for a much more stable overall experience and makes sure that all OFW options are fully accessible to you.

In addition to this, XMB sorting issues and Demo Mode issues from the previous version have also been ironed out to a great degree. Direct disc loading is also possible provided you are using multiMAN version 04.12.00. If you are updating from a non-downgraded console, an additional system integrity checker has also been installed in an effort to prevent bricking. Once you are there however, you’ll be really glad to know that version numbers have been spoofed to 4.31 and SEN access has been restored provided the current “passphrase” is still the same. There are also of course many more small developmental size changes that deal with the specifics of lv01 and lv02 patching, but I’ll let you all observe that in the complete changelog. Essentially if you’re looking for the best Rogero CFW experience out there right now, there is no reason not to try this new version 2. If you are updating from a CFW console please make sure you have multiMAN version 04.12.00 before you do so! Let the CFW madness continue!


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