Rogero Announces CEX 3.55 Proof Of Concept

August 12, 2012

You will know him for his recent release of CFW 3.55 v3.4 and his DEX CFW 3.55. PlayStation 3 Developer Rogero has announced a proof of concept regarding custom firmware 3.55.

The idea behind this POC is to prove that newer keys can be added to CFW 3.55 and he has managed to do that. Porgress so far allows for games that require firmware 3.56 to be played without any patching whatsoever and the main goal is to achieve the same with the newly leaked 3.60 keys.


  1. Added the 3.56 and 3.60 appldr/NPDRM key sets.
  2. Patched many version checks and extended keys table index to activate the usage of newly added keys.
  3. Games with Eboots version 3.56 are now working without the need for any patch, the CFW can decrypt the Eboot on the fly.
  4. Games with Eboots version 3.60 are still giving an error on load due to some additional 3.60 checks that are being worked on.

(“EAUTHFAIL | 0x80010017 | Program authentication fail (Error starting BluRay game)” which may need to be addressed outside appldr)

Important Note:


This CFW is released only as a Proof of Concept for adding newer keys to 3.55 CFW.

The 3.60 keys are already added to this CFW but some additional patching is needed on some loaders to bring the 3.60 functionality to the CFW.

Special Thanks to eussNL for his assisstance and help with the specific patches and tasks used to build and test the CFW. Special Thanks to glu0n for his awesome reversing/patching skills on the loaders.

Source: tortuga-cove via psx-scene

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