Rogero CEX 4.30 Updated to 1.02

November 5, 2012

Rogero was one of the first developers to break on to the 4.30 firmware scene following the famous key leak. While some of the early revisions of his firmware may have left some unsuspecting users with their share of bricks, the coder has since made amends and continues his quest with this release of the updated 4.30 custom firmware.

Obviously since this is only known as version 1.02 the changes here aren’t going to be big ones, yet they are quite significant. For one, the “disable Cinavia” option is now available, which will allow users to bypass all of those legal Cinavia checks that can stop us from playing some of our favorite ripped Blurays. Second to this of course comes support for multiMAN 04.10.00 which will be of great pleasure to those that have found solace in using that media management community staple for the past few years. Lastly, if you’re looking to hop in and see what PlayStation Home is all about, this update will allow you to do that through a simple to install integrated fix. That being said, the version number change certainly denotes minor changes, but these small additions can impact your CFW experience in a big way should you choose to use them.

As is with any CFW, we are not responsible for any brickage that may be incurred due to improper installation. To ensure complete safety, it is always best to have a hardware flasher on hand.


Tags: CFW, multiMAN, PS3 Hacks, Rogero

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