Rogero CEX 4.30 v2.05 Available

January 7, 2013

The Rogero custom firmware certainly didn’t have the easiest entry into the 4.XX scene with some very early brick reports, but it’s clear that that base formula has been added to and improved upon significantly over the past couple of months. A mere two days ago, we saw the introduction of a new iPF that takes into account some of the work done by other scene favorites to bring back the ever popular Install Package Files folder that was so crucial to the success of earlier CFWs.

Today, that same developer is back to expand on that new IPF with another one that has officially been dubbed Toolbox. Essentially what this does is takes all of the other IPFs from the likes of deank and Szalay and brings them into a single entry in an effort to condense the onslaught of tools you now have at your disposal. For now, each individual option you have to choose from to install has also been updated to the latest version which is a nice touch. On top of this, full Cinivia removal has been achieved too with some help from the folks over at Rebug. That means you’ll be able to stream all the movies you want without getting that god-awful copyright error. If you’re a Rogero user now, this CFW is definitely worth your time.


Tags: cex, CFW, PS3 Hacks, Rogero

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