Rogero CFW 3.7 Released for 3.55

October 17, 2012

Its true that with the recent surge in the PS3 scene there have been a lot of new CFW releases being pumped out, but as your number one source for the latest info, we do our best to report each and every one of them. In keeping up with the changing times, this updated Rogero firmware brings us plenty of exciting features for those that are loyal to and prefer this option over some of the others. For one, as seems to be the trend these days, 3.7 allows you to connect directly to the SEN or PSN without the use of any other tool. Internet options are accessible simply by installing and logging in. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Additionally, there have also been some supposed fixes for games that resulted in black screens when trying to launch from your internal HDD. Sure you can still boot externally if that’s your thing, but now you at least have some other choices too. A spoofed 4.25 version has also been set to prevent you from accidentally updating to OFW for the time being. Lastly, aside from the obvious bug fixes there is also a NoBD patch to allow for installation without the BD drive being connected. That should be a relief to those of you hoping to downgrade in the future. The great CFW releases just keep coming. The efforts by Rogero are certainly appreciated.


Tags: CFW, nobd, PS3 Hacks, Rogero

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