Rogero CFW v3.4 Released – Get Back On PSN Now!

July 9, 2012

No need to adjust your monitors or blink more than twice, you’re seeing back to back posts about Rogero’s CFW on the main page.  If you’re reading this article from elsewhere, then there’s no need to blink either. Rogero is back with another update to his 3.55 custom firmware and it now includes a little something special…

Rogero has added PSN support to the latest release which is now at version 3.4.

The Rogero version 3.4 update removes the “Privacy Patch” that was in place in earlier versions of the CFW and allows you to get back online with access to the PSN. With this, there’s no need for any additional tools either. It looks to me like Rogero’s CFW is now your solution.  That is of course if you happen to be looking for your all in one product with PSN access.

You can grab the new Rogero CFW version 3.4 release for your PS3 and update, if you haven’t already done so.  Are you glad to be back on PSN?

Source: Tortuga Cove

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