Rogero Releases PS3 Nor Dump Auto-Patcher v0.01

August 11, 2012

Rogero, famous for his work on Rogero Manager and Rogero CFW, has released an application he calls PS3 Nor Dump Auto-Patcher. The application patches valid PlayStation 3 NOR dumps with proper downgrade files necessary for downgrading/unbricking PlayStation consoles. More from Rogero:

Always make several Nor Dumps and Validate your dump properly before proceeding to patch it and Flash it back.
This Link have all the info needed to validate the Dump –> PS3 DevWiki, Validating flash dumps
A Ps3 without a valid Nor/Nand Dump is non-recoverable.

PS3 Nor Dump Auto-Patcher v0.01 by Rogero 11/Aug/2012
– Compatible with both E3 and ProgSkeet Nor dumps.
– Checking your PS3 Nor Dump if it is Byte-Reversed or No.
– Applying the correct downgrade patches depending on the Dump type detected.
– Eliminating the need to byte-swap the dump in order to apply the patches.
– Making the patching easier rather then using several programs to do it.


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