Roundup of the most popular Vita homebrew and utilities

December 17, 2012

Since the release of the PS Vita nearly a year ago in Japan, we’ve seen the release of the VHBL, the eCFW but… what about all the apps that have been released? You cannot compare it with the bunch of homebrews available on the PSP, but in this article I’ll try to roundup some of the most popular apps out there. I might miss some, but here we go!


  • Coldbird’s FTP Server (This is a must-have, it really helps you if you want to transfer files to or from your PS Vita without using Open CMA, another must-have. It’s quick and very simple to use.)
  • Open CMA (Do you prefer the simple way? Then plug-in your USB Cable and start transferring without having to update!)
  • PS Vita VHBL Prepare ULTIMATE (There are a lot of VHBL Homebrew preparers but I chose this one for its good graphics.)
  • Vita pr0xy (A proxy developed specially for the PS Vita and PSN but I think you can use it with anything.)
  • CEF Theme Swapper (Nice app developed by GUIDOBOT which lets you choose the theme you want to use for the eCFW. Note: You must save themes in ms0:/THEMES/ in the PS Vita Emulator)
  • multiBoot Menu (It lets you choose the Menu you want, an alternative for GUIDOBOT’S CEF Theme Swapper above)

Well, that’s my list for now, let’s hope we’ll see more cool Vita apps in the near future. Remember that most PSP homebrews will work on either VHBL or CEF for your Vita. You can find a decent selection here.

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