rpcs3 SVN r43 PS3 Emulator Now Plays Homebrew

October 9, 2012

Before you guys go all crazy and start thinking “OMG THERE’S A PS3 EMULATOR” let’s calm down just a little bit. Obviously rpcs3 is in no way a fully functional program at this particular time. Don’t be thinking you’ll be able to boot up that .iso backup of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on your computer, because the fact is it’s just not going to happen. In it’s present state, this emulator is more or less a proof of concept with only the most basic functions achieved, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a darn good one. After all, this particular version can now run PS3 homebrew games.

For the average end user, this is a totally intriguing concept. Unless you want to do all that hardware work to downgrade your console, the CFW audience for the PS3 is really quite limited given the fact that you can only really jailbreak two system firmwares. Now however, the audience for independent works has opened up quite a bit in that gamers can now get a feel for favorites like Paintown and UFO Racer right from the comfort of their computer.

There are also some development notions as well that can be added to this too. After all, if you’re making some homebrew for PS3, in most cases this involves a lot of running from the computer to your system to see how everything works. Now, you’ll be able to keep that coding experience entirely on the computer where it belongs. Obviously this emulator probably won’t function right for more advanced apps, but for the basic stuff this should be of great help. That being said, whether you are a gamer, or a developer, there are plenty of reasons to be happy about the latest release of rpcs3.


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