RSX Graphics Library for the PS3

September 25, 2011

Published on 09-25-2011 11:10 AM

Some more news comes to us regarding RSX driver implementation for the PS3. Playstation 3 developer gzorin has released his RSXGL (RSX Graphics Library) for the PS3. For those of you who are wondering what this might be, RSXGL is a hardware accelerated 3D graphics library for the PS3. A library that implements parts of the OpenGL 3.1 core profile specification for the PlayStation 3 RSX GPU. The RSXGL could be used for homebrew which would have exclusive access to the RSX. And as any work in progress project I’m sure their is a lot of work to be done.

To Quote:

Briefly, the following OpenGL 3.1 features haven’t been implementedyet (the RSX is capable of supporting most of them):

  • Full GLSL support. Currently, GLSL and Cg shaders can be compiled offline and used with a OpenGL ES 2 style API.
  • Instanced draw commands.* Framebuffer objects and multiple render targets.
  • glQuery() objects.
  • Point sprites.
  • A variety of capabilities related to texture maps (rectangular and cube textures, the behavior of glPixelStore, copying from the framebuffer, mipmap generation, and texture formats, including compressed formats, that require conversion and/or swizzling).
  • Client-side vertex array data. OpenGL 3.1’s core profile specifically omits this, but it is specified by OpenGL ES 2 (as well as the OpenGL 3 compatibility profile), and is likely still widely used, particularly by smaller demonstration programs.
  • Application object namespaces (another feature omitted by OpenGL 3.1, but used by earlier specs).
  • Most glGet*() functions haven’t been implemented. Some specified behavior of glEnable()/glDisable() likely needs to be implemented as well.

Further details follow

Nice to see another developer working on RSX implementation. Competition Gitbrew?

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Thanks to Tranced for the news submission!!

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