[Rumor] New details on PS4′s controller (and Sony’s new console might be revealed sooner than expected)

January 23, 2013

Most of us are anxious to know what Sony’s upcoming system will have to offer, and as close as we get to the reveal, new information comes out in the form of a rumor, some rumors more credible than others.

Today I want to talk about the new PS4′s controller system. Some time ago we received news that Sony had filed a patent to create biometric controllers that can measure some physical conditions such as heartbreak, and react by getting colder or warmer. Well now it seems this patent might be used after all.

As sources indicate, Sony’s new controller have undergone new changes, such as the above mentioned biometrics, as well as an LCD screen, probably resembling the Wii U, although I bet it’s not as big as the latter. And before you start your “they copied Nintendo!” comments, let me remind you that Nintendo wasn’t the first to put an LCD screen on a controller, so they haven’t done any innovation either:

It is also suggested that the controller will not be like the DualShocks we’re used to that have been in our lives for 16 years.
Personally I like the DualShock design, the only flaw in the DS3 are the oversensitive trigger buttons.

As for the PS4, Sony’s Vice President, Hiroshi Sakamoto, has hinted at a May reveal, quite sooner than everyone expects.

I’ll take this time to give my opinion on what features the PS4 should have:
– Full PS1 and PS2 compatibility from both PSN and disc.
– None of that anti used games crap.
– PS3 compatibility would be nice too, but if they are really using AMD for their CPU then this will be a big NO.
– Homebrew support in some form or another, although knowing Sony, they will screw big time like they did with otherOS and PSM.
– Not so expensive games. I will not buy the system if games are above the 40€ mark, but seeing how PS Vita games themselves are above this mark, I don’t expect Ps4 games to be cheap.
– A good browser would also be nice.

These are my thoughts, let me hear yours.

Source: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/387287/cvg-sources-sony-to-abandon-dualshock-design-for-ps4/

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