[Rumor]Metldr Exploit leaked by Unknown Group

November 8, 2011

Published on 11-08-2011 12:24 PM

Well, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally come. It seems that long await metldr exploit has been leaked. However not much can be said by the program that is used itself or the team behind its release. However this would not probably mean anything you the end-user or the average NOOB, but this maybe a step forward to the likes of obtaining the private keys and eventually a CFW for higher firmware i.e 3.72, 3.73 etc.

Here is a quote from PS3Crunch.

Program: metldr838exploit
Author: Unknown
Usage: Unknown
Reason: Unknown

Before posting we had one our PS3 Crunching Developers look it over, and it seems to be a set of ‘C’ code and headers and an compiled ELF and SELF that exploits the ‘chain of trust’ to dump an ‘unecrypted’ version of your PS3 ‘metldr’.

Once again please do take note that this intended towards the developers of the scene and not our end-user or average jailbreaker, especially those that are new to the scene. We here at PSX-Scene are posting this as a rumor as nothing has yet been confirmed.


EXCLUSIVE: PS3 ‘Metldr’ Exploit been ‘leaked’

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