Rumors of 4G Vita, FW update, and price cut. Patent shows “Next Gen” Vita design

February 12, 2013

A new Sony patent filed shows what could be a new model of the PlayStation Vita. Along with that sources are claiming that the new vita will be 4G and launch along side price cuts for memory cards.

On February 7th, 2013 the US Patent and Trademark Offices published a patent from Sony showing what looks to be a new PlayStation Vita model. Sony’s patent was filed in the US under serial number 55977. The new PlayStation Vita design shown in FIG 2 below supports a completely resigned bottom with new ports and readjusted placements. Sony states that the patent is for mainly a port redesign for the “Next PlayStation Vita”.

The application shows specifically that the next generation Vita will incorporate an all new USB port, HDMI and power supply connector which is described as a parallel-pipped connector. Whats important to note however is some of its inherent similarities to the Dev Kit Vita that we’ve seen before.

2. A new Sony Patent Filing Exposes New Ports for new PS Vita

As we get closer to the February 20th announcements from Sony about the “Future of PlayStation” other sources are saying that the new Vita model could be announced then and include a new fully fledged Vita OFW update and memory card price cuts. Close sources to Gamerxchange are reporting that:

  • A new 4G model of the PlayStation Vita will be replacing the 3G model sometime this year. According to the source, this will be the so-called “price drop” that has been rumored for the Vita as the new model will retain the $299 price point for an upgraded system.
  • The Wi-Fi version will still be available on the market for $249
  • To go along with the 4G model, a significant firmware update will go live bringing in a lot of requested features including new ways to organize apps in folders.
  • The new model may be unveiled along with the rumored PS4 this month at PlayStation’s February 20th event or at E3, but will not hit the market until later in the year.
  • A price cut on memory cards will be made. No details on prices.

According to their source, no other hardware changes will be made to the Vita and all other specs and features will remain the same for the time being. Of course this is all speculation and rumor besides the patent, so we wont find out if its real until later in Feb or at E3 but it seems like a completely plausible scenario. Giving the Vita 4G capabilities would help hold its position in the current market with other devices where 4G and LTE has become the standard. Price cuts on memory would also help the Vita immensly with its current overpriced, small storage and proprietary memory.

Just like the PSP and any device released thus far, hardware revisions are bound to happen, its only a matter of time before we see a new iteration of the Vita but could it be at the Future of PlayStation meeting on Feb 20th? What would you like to see in the next Vita model? Let me know in the comments what you think!

Sources: Patent Bolt|GamerXchange

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