[Rumour] 4.21 CFW or DOA 5 Patched for 3.55 CFW [Rumour]

September 24, 2012

A Chinese website has posted what they claim is a CFW for 4.21, the titler of the thread reads,

[News] [the exclusive worldwide news] RED POWER 4.21CFW confirm is true!

And here is a terrible Google Translated quote from the source:

Just deliberately pulled Ida driving to the the RED POWER city where, met with their people and
then get it back one is said to brush a 4.21CFW hosts
not open test, ready to begin testing next
evaluation please wait …… ——————– update: host songce HDMI interface is bad, then the TV box on hand, chromatic aberration line as well as support for AV input of the display device, thinking solutions —————————- updated again: buy a component cable encounters heavy rain, all wet finally back the find component cable screen flash orz finally found a conference room projector can be used AV interface, meow, white rain, anger! Then tested under DOA5, test results – RED POWER 4.21 CFW …! ! ! A test more games, please look forward to the follow-up illustrations, video coverage! Subsequent pictures, video, evaluation complement the evening, the office did not replace clothing, fast cold dead orz —————————- continue to update : first brought of running video DOA5: —————————- last updated today: it was too cold to die, the first home tomorrow measured other bar …

The video:

The source of this exclusive

Now the question is, is this a new CFW or just DOA 5 patched to work on 3.55 CFW ?

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