[Rumour] Friday 28th September 2012 Release Date for 4K PS3 Model ? [Rumour]

September 9, 2012

Between the 20th and 23rd of September, Japan hosts the Tokyo Game Show(TGS), will Sony showcase the 4K model that has been rumoured for several months now, if we look at some posts of popular forum NeoGaf, then this could be a possibility as members there have penned the 28th of September as the release date of the 4K model:

Both those posts can be found here and here and is part of this thread, regarding TGS

On the official US Sony PlayStation forums, forum members also speak of how the 16GB model will not have an option to upgrade HDD or even add one, you can read that here.


For more info on the 4K model on PS3hax, thead these article:




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