[Rumour] haxckODE – Is This A New ODE For 4K PS3′s ?

May 8, 2013

I was given this link to a YouTube video via PM, by the people claiming to have a “4K Jailbreak”, the video shows hardware connected to a stripped down 4K PS3, now anyone can connect hardware to a console, make a video and call it a jailbreak, now the weird thing is that the games seem to appear in the Theme Selection area in the system settings, here is the video:

So what is your opinion, is this video legit, or is it one of the best fakes the PS3 scene has ever seen ?

The video is posted in public on the channel of the devs and this is the quote from the video description:

this is the haxckODE jailbreak playstation 3 super slim is the first device that emulates the ps3 hard drive is an internal drive solution storage

They have asked how they should make it available to the public, i suggest that any developer or aspiring developer go to PS3HaX IRC, the address is:
irc.ps3sanctuary.com – You will be connected to the channel automatically

Source = GregoryRasputin’s PM Box

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