[Rumour] PS3 hacked may force sony to release PS4 Sooner..Xbox720? Subscription based pricing.

October 30, 2012

Yes, media is twisting facts and contacting sources that are kinda mediocre (lame) in terms of explaining to the average reader = What happened, what will happen and many other *details* that gets copy/pasted all over the place.
Thing is if this is true maybe Sony due to the recent events with Lv0-Gate (bootldr) will push the release date of PS4 (AKA Orbis).
Meanwhile on Microsoft side with Xbox720 they maybe exploring a subscription based pricing.

The PS3 got hacked recently, as we reported here. The system’s Lv0 keys were leaked apparently by a Chinese hacking team. Sony had a terrible time since 2010 after Geohot got his hands on the system and managed to compromise it. Sony bounced back but it wasn’t enough, it was a tough battle against a bunch of hacker groups and an entire third-party team looking to DDOS your network.

Sony fought back and some may say they won and managed to keep the PS3 secure, but it looks like the system is hacked again. And this time it allows hackers to do anything they want if they’re on firmware 3.6.

This could, of course, force Sony to release the PS4 sooner (according to inentertainment)  if the software sales fall down below desired levels. Not a big deal though, since I think it’s coming next year anyway because no way Sony and Microsoft will give Nintendo another year in the market.

We have more reports coming in that Microsoft may be exploring a subscription based pricing for the Xbox 720. It is sort of a subsidized pricing scheme that we saw earlier with the Xbox 360 $99 model.

This is what the Easternmorningherald reports:

As mentioned, this subsidized pricing scheme is still in its early stages but it seems to be getting good response in some sectors; particularly the ones who would prefer saving cash upfront when it comes to getting their consoles.

[Source] = Gamingbolt

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