[Rumour] PS4 To Cost $400:

February 9, 2013

Next-gen PS4 (probably) will cost $400 (dollars). Author of this article made the conversion from Yens to dollars even Euros. Pretty expensive if you ask me…

The most important piece of information in releation to PlayStation 4, one could argue, is the machine’s price. Sony lost the seventh generation in the US to Microsoft not because they released the PS3 one year later, but more so because of the console’s ridiculous price. So what about PS4? Well, a report from a well-respected Japanese newspaper gave us some insight into the pricing strategy Sony is using. According to the paper, dug up by Gaming Everything, Sony will sell PS4 for ”more than 40,000 yen.” The newspaper also says the console will launch before this year’s out in the U.S. and Japan, making no mention of Europe, which falls in line with Edge-Online’s recent PS4 report. 40,000 yen translates to about $428 in USD and about 317 Euros. It seems to me Sony will sell the most expensive unit for $399, and a base model for $350. If the firm can accomplish such a feat, we think it’d be safe to say that PS4 stands a good chance of performing better than its predecessor, PS3. That would also mean PS Vita would have to be slashed to about $199, as it’d be an insult to sell PS Vita and PS4 at almost the same price. So share you thoughts on this. Pretty interesting report out of Japan today.

[Source] = Gamestshirt

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