[Rumour] Website Claims To Have Exclusive PS4 Specs [Rumour]

July 12, 2012

Without a doubt, the PS4 is being worked on and we are going to have rumours until the console is showcased at a future E3 event, here is a list of some of those rumours:

Now we have a new website, claiming to have “exclusive” details on the PS4, here is a quote from the website:

In exclusive we have the detailed first specs (not final) for PS4, most likely first alpha kits sent to developers:



  •  4 core (2 core pairs) 3.2 GHz AMD x86 (Steamroller)
  •  aggregate, 10x PS3 PPU performance
  •  512 KByte L2 per core pair
  •  64 bit pointers


  • AMD R10x series GPU @ 800 MHz (Tahiti)
  •  aggregate 10x RSX performance, 1.84 TFlops
  • DX”11.5″
  • cheap branching
  • 18 compute units, focus on fine grained compute & tessellation


  • 2 GByte UMA, pushing for 4 GByte
  • 192 GByte/ sec non-coherent access for e.g. GPU
  • 12 GByte/ sec coherent access for CPU
  • >50% longer memory latency for CPU/ GPU compared to PC!!!
  • DXT is lowest bpp texture compression format


  • 50 GByte BD drive
  • PCAV, between 3.3 and 8x BD, most likely clamped to 6x
  • automatic background caching to HDD
  • HDD SKU with at least 380 GByte
  • downloadable games


  • video encoder/ decoder
  • audio processing unit, ~200 concurrent MP3 streams
  • HW zlib decompressor

Our source claims that the final specs should be 10x powerful than PS3, due to this info has got 10 months.


Now as i stated this is a rumour, but the specs do come close to what Kotaku posted a couple of months ago(Check second and third links above).

What are your opinions, is there a possibility that this rumour bares some facts, the site does have information on Wii Dev Kits so perhaps they are legit.

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