[Rumour] Xbox 3 / 720 / Durango GPU Detailed

February 5, 2013

A few days ago we posted some information released by VGLeaks about Microsoft’s next gen console, yesterday the posted more information, which the claim to be some GPU details, here is a quote from the source:

Last week, we published a poll and you chose to know more about the Durango GPU. Wishes come true. We have splitted the article in three pages, don’t forget to read the whole work.

A better view of Durango’s GPU capabilities and performance.

Durango brings the enhanced capabilities of a modern Direct3D 11 GPU to the console space. The Durango GPU is a departure from previous console generations both in raw performance and in structure.

The following table describes expected performance of the Durango GPU. Bear in mind that the table is based only on hardware specifications, not on actual hardware running actual code. For many reasons, theoretical peak performance can be difficult or impossible to achieve with real-world processing loads.

Be sure to check out the source here:
World Exclusive: Durango’s GPU detailed

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