Running commercial PS3 games on a PC: RCPS3 PS3 emulator achieves great milestone

March 12, 2014

We’ve mentioned some progress on PS3 emulation a few weeks ago, and it was pointed out to me that we forgot to mention one of the most promising PS3 emulators out there: RCPS3.

I’m now fixing this mistake, and today is a good opportunity to do so, since the devs behind the project were able to claim a significant milestone last week: the possibility to run a commercial game within the emulator. The “guinea pig” for this experiment is a PSN game named “Swap”, which I assume was chosen because of the limited amount of functionality it uses on the PS3 (making it an “easy” game to run on the emulator).

The video below does not do justice to the work of the devs, as since the video was posted, it seems a major graphical glitch (which you can obviously see on the video) has been fixed.

Since the scene is always full of drama, this emulator is no exception, and some people have been on a rampage to get the RCPS3 videos removed from youtube, on the ground that it looks and feels like spam. Many “fake” youtube videos pretend to be able to run commercial PS3 games such as GTA V at full speed on a PC, but this is not what this is about here. Long story short, a video that was showcasing the game running without the graphical glitch has been taken down by mistake by youtube (and if you’ve ever had one of your videos wrongly removed by youtube, you know it’s basically impossible to get it back up), so what I’m showing you is not the latest and greatest.

Of course, the emulator is far from running the game at full speed or without any issue, and most other commercial games will just fail to load at this point in RCPS3. But this is showing insane progress in this field, and gets us very excited to see what’s next.

Testing and running Arledo’s Swap in RCPS3 requires you to own a copy of the game, know how to rip it, and acquire a decrypted version of the game’s key.edat, which you can do with edat3tool, or PS3 Tools


You can download the latest version of the RCPS3 PS3 emulator here

You can download edat3tool here

You can download PS3 Tools here

Disclaimer: although I have tested the emulator, I have not tested this specific game, which I don’t own

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