Samurai Warriors 4 Released In Japan

March 24, 2014

Tomorrow see’s the western release of Dynasty Warriors 8 on the PS4, which you can enjoy and play until Samurai Warriors 4 is released in US/EU.

Samurai Warriors 4 will be released on the PS3/PS Vita and contain more characters than any other Samurai Warriors game.

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For those of you wondering what Samurai Warriors is, its a hack and slash based in feudal Japan and features such historic Japanese Samurai family names as, Sanada, Oda, Miyamoto, Maeda, Shibata, Kato and many more, here is some video:

There is no date as to when this will see a US/EU release, but I’m hoping its not to long, if you are interested in the Samurai Warriors series, this site is always up to date:
Samurai Warriors 4

Official Japanese Website

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