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October 12, 2012

Sony has finally unveiled the new PlayStation Store that incorporates an entirely new look and interface that’s coming this month. Check out more details and some exclusive screenshots below!

Sony seems to be extremely busy lately, especially with all of those vita exploits but today they are ready to show off the new PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3, that will land on October 17 in Europe and October 23 in the United States respectively. Aside from a new look it also incorporates some new features that fans have been asking for. The new PS store looks really slick, clean and better organized than the previous store. 

The PlayStation Store will now be neatly categorized by platform via the navigation menu on the left of the screen, with Vita and Classic content separate to PS3. You’ll get on the right and on the navigation bar the typical news feed with the deals, promotions and specials like before. The new store will also encompass more advanced options for procuring content that’s now sorted by game type, prices, singleplayer or multiplayer, release date, accessories and more. Sony will roll out more updates to make the store better with a future update that will make it possible to mix and match categories to search.

Besides the new look Sony listened to gamer’s concerns and feedback especially about the sub-par search engine. The New PlayStation Store will get a new search engine update that Sony claims “Makes searching for content easier than before.” The old keyboard is obsolete replaced by a swift scrollable selection of letters. Like Google or other popular search engines, with each letter entered, results will show up. Sony said that it wants users to be able to find anything on the store with a maximum of three letters. The search engine has also been designed to push the most popular, relevant content to the top of the results.

Included with the update, is a new version of the cart and recommendation system . When browsing titles, gamer’s can see recommended items the store thinks may be of interest toy you. Users can also add multiple items to the cart and purchase them at once, while anything added to the cart and not purchased stays. Furthermore the main product page of a game will have trailers and screenshots, in high-definition. Also revamped is the ratting system however no details have been announced on what those changes will bring.

The main jest of the new update looks to be a focus on the User Interface, making things faster and user friendly while updating the store to a more modern look. The update while be both in the games and videos store however creating a more streamlined experience for everyone.

Sony says this is just the start of the future of the PlayStation Store with more news of changes later on. Sony has not announced the new Playstation Store yet for the Vita, but given time it should. I personally love the new look and feel it would be a big mistake not to bring this beautiful interface to the Vita. The new update also looks like it would work well with both the touch and physical button controls of the Vita.

The community so far seems divided whether they like the new update or not, which some say is because it looks similar to the Xbox 360 Dashboard. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Sound off in the comments.

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