[Scene PS3] + XMB Manager 0.22.011 (MOD) for Rogero / 7:00 ITA cobra by BYC

December 15, 2013

The XMB Manager Plus gives us full control of our Playstation 3 directly from the XMB without having to launch any homebrew outside of BYC so we want to give you the translation of this wonderful homebrew.


I had promised him, and although a bit ‘late here is the translation of the homebrew Aldo Vargas, who as we all know is arrived at version 0.22.011,   adding the entry “All Devices” option to install Package Files in the Package Manager Team Rebug and changing some items on filecategory_game.xml.

  • Added “All Devices” in the Rebug Package Manager, now you can search all paths instead of one at a time.
  • Updated file category_game.xml (It was replaced the classic Install Package Files with Rebug Package Manager).
  • Added WebMan 1:24 and Webman 1.24 per CCAPI. *

Download: XMB Manager Plus 0.22.011 (mod) for COBRA 7.0

Download: XMB Manager Plus 0.22.011 (mod) for COBRA 7:00 ITA


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