SCETool 0.2.9 Released

August 30, 2012

(C) 2011-2012 by naehrwert
NP local license handling (C) 2012 by flatz

==> Setup – /data/keys : Keyfile.
- /data/ldr_curves : Loader curves (7744 bytes).
- /data/vsh_curves : VSH curves (360 bytes).
- /data/idps : IDPS as binary file
- /data/act.dat : act.dat
- /rifs/* : *.rif files
- /raps/* : *.rap files

==> Keyfile Format [keyname]
revision=00, …, 18, 8000
version=…, 0001000000000000, …
self_type=LV0, LV1, LV2, APP, ISO, LDR, UNK_7, NPDRM

==> Keyset Example [metldr]

==> NPDRM Key(set) Names – [NP_tid]: Title ID OMAC1 key.
- [NP_ci]: Control info OMAC1 key.
- [NP_klic_free]: Free klicensee.
- [NP_klic_key]: klicensee key.
- [NP_idps_const]: IDPS constant.
- [NP_rif_key]: rif key.
- [NP_sig]: Footer signature ECDSA keyset.

==> Override Keyset It should be a single hex-string consisting of:
32 bytes (Key) 16 bytes (IV) 40 bytes (Pub) 21 bytes (Priv) 1 byte (CType).

==> Help Text USAGE: scetool [options] command
COMMANDS                Parameters            Explanation
-h, –help                                   Print this help.
-k, –print-keys                             List keys.
-i, –print-infos      File-in               Print SCE file info.
-d, –decrypt          File-in File-out      Decrypt/dump SCE file.
-e, –encrypt          File-in File-out      Encrypt/create SCE file.
OPTIONS                 Possible Values       Explanation
-v, –verbose                                Enable verbose output.
-r, –raw                                    Enable raw value output.
-t, –template         File-in               Template file (SELF only)
-0, –sce-type         SELF/RVK/PKG/SPP      SCE File Type
-1, –compress-data    TRUE/FALSE(default)   Whether to compress data or not.
-s, –skip-sections    TRUE(default)/FALSE   Whether to skip sections or not.
-2, –key-revision     e.g. 00,01,…,0A,… Key Revision
-m, –meta-info        64 bytes              Use provided meta info to decrypt.

-K, –keyset           32(Key)16(IV)
40(Pub)21(Priv)1(CT)  Override keyset.
-3, –self-auth-id     e.g. 1010000001000003 Authentication ID
-4, –self-vendor-id   e.g. 01000002         Vendor ID
-5, –self-type        LV0/LV1/LV2/APP/ISO/
LDR/NPDRM             SELF Type
-A, –self-app-version e.g. 0001000000000000 Application Version
-6, –self-fw-version  e.g. 0003004100000000 Firmware Version
-7, –self-add-shdrs   TRUE(default)/FALSE   Whether to add ELF shdrs or not.
-8, –self-ctrl-flags  32 bytes              Override control flags.
-9, –self-cap-flags   32 bytes              Override capability flags.
-b, –np-license-type  LOCAL/FREE            License Type
-c, –np-app-type      SPRX/EXEC/USPRX/UEXEC App Type (U* for updates)
-f, –np-content-id                          Content ID
-l, –np-klicensee     16 bytes              Override klicensee.
-g, –np-real-fname    e.g. EBOOT.BIN        Real Filename
-j, –np-add-sig       TRUE/FALSE(default)   Whether to add a NP sig. or not.

==> History Version 0.2.9
- Plaintext sections will now take less space in metadata header keys array.
- Added option to specifiy a template SELF to take configuration values from.
- Added option to override the keyset used for en-/decryption.
- Fixed NP application types.
- [Firmware Version] will now be written to control info only.
- [Application Version] will now be written to application info only.
Version 0.2.8 (intermediate release):
- Fixed minor bugs where scetool would crash.
- Added SPP parsing.
- Decrypting RVK/SPP will now write header+data to file.
Version 0.2.7:
- Added local NP license handling.
- Added option to override klicensee.
- Added option to disable section skipping (in SELF generation).
Version 0.2.5:
- Added option to use provided metadata info for decryption.
- “PS3″ path environment variable will now be searched for keys/ldr_curves/vsh_curves too.
Version 0.2.4:
- Added option to display raw values.
- Moved factory Auth-IDs to

(as they are on ps3devwiki now).
Version 0.2.2:
- Added options to override control/capability flags (32 bytes each).
- Fixed where a false keyset would crash scetool when decrypting a file.
- Some source level changes and optimizations.
Version 0.2.1:
- zlib is required to use scetool.
- ‘sdk_type’ was changed to ‘revision’ in data/keys.

==> Greetings to –
- you know who you are!

==> Trivia

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