Scogger HD for PlayStation 3 released!

June 16, 2011

Delevoped Scognito releases Scogger, and homebrew game for PS3.


Another console bought, another console hacked, another Scogger born :)

First frog in High Definition


Long time has passed since first DS release, so this port was a chance to celebrate a new version with updated graphics :)

The game was ready since March, but I’m so lazy that only moon eclipse changed my mind :)

If not interested in nerd stuff jump over to screenshot section otherwise continue reading…

Some “tech” speak


Despite my usual coding practice (code on pc, compile, run on console) it was faster for me to port Scogger Wii version on PC, make all modifications (gfx mainly), and finally re-port on PS3.

This way helped me to make all changes (even small ones) without move the executable to USB stick, install on PS3, run, for each time I make a modification on the code.

Thanks to SDL library I ported the original game on PC in a breeze, then I started changing every single image, add some sort of animation and writing some sort of animation code, tweaking with frames, rewrite menu code, polishing the trash code… so I did 90% of the work PC side. Porting it over on PS3 was (almost) straightforward.

What I used on PS3 side was initially SDL for PS3 but it was software accelerated and (at time of writing) extremely slow to render images on a 1280×720 screen.

I decided then to change the graphic code to use HermesEOL’s tiny3d lib, just one day before he decided to leave the scene

SDL Mixer was used for sound, and it works great, except I had some issues with sound some effects that I solved with some dirty hack.

About the release


Seems that almost everyone having a PS3 “hacked” was interested only in piracy, and just a little percentage of homebrew that isn’t the XXX loader, was an emulator (and I like them!).

I didn’t see many homebrew…and a site like wiibrew doesn’t exists, not counting I didn’t find any support on IRC channels (#ps3dev/#PSL1GHT are dead/don’t have support) or a useful forums like the wiibrew one.

Fortunately situation seems to be changing, thanks to people like @KaKaRoToKS and his humblehomebrew site (sign/donate!), but I think this is my only PS3 homebrew

Anyway here is the last incarnation of the frog, I hope you’ll enjoy the game!



Head over my drunkencoders page, but please report bugs here



As usual, in random order:
■ooPo, Aaron, Seigher, and others for ps3toolchain, ps3chain and ps3libraries
■AerialX, phiren, MattP and others for PSL1GHT and suggestions
■zeldin and cebash for SDL_PSL1GHT and SDL_PSL1GHT_Libs
■HermesEOL for tiny3d
SpriteAttack for awesome graphics
Gianptune for suggestions and first testing

Comments, bug report, and installation instructions here.

Download: Scogger HD 0.1 for PS3

Source: scognito’s Weblog

More information here on: PSX-SCENE

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