SELF/SPRX Decrypter Source Released

June 10, 2012

There’s been a lot of development coming out as of late and it doesn’t look like its slowing down any time soon. Attention developers, Heden and DeLiGhT have released the source to their SELF/SPRX decrypter. So what does this thing do? Well the name says it all.  It decrypts SELF and SPRX files that are stored in the dev_flash of your PS3. Again this is more or less a developers release as this tool is aimed at helping them do their work which in turn could be beneficial to everyone else.  So keep your fingers crossed for the future and we’ll see what we get.



                  __|__|_ _________ ____  _________________

                _/ _____// __  /  /___/ / ____/  /  ___  /

                  |  |/  ___/  /  /  /  /  /     /  _/

                 _____|____/_____/_______ /__/__/____S!


                              SELF/SPRX DECRYPTER SOURCES – V0.6 BETA



                12/04/10 – V0.5B – Initial BETA Release

                                – Decrypting internal PS3’s SELF/SPRX files

                                [BETA – The decrypter hangs on some files]

                12/12/10 – V0.6B – Second BETA Release

                                – More stability (no hangs anymore)

                                – Much more files can now be decrypted

                GameOS utilizes files to make the console work (I won’t give details)

                These files (SELF = EXE, SPRX = DLL) are stored in /dev_flash

                This tool enables to decrypt these SELF/SPRX files

                Such a decrypter will only help people who know what they do ;-)

                The application is not yet capable to decrypt all files (coming soon !)

                Some devs asked for the sources. I decided to release them.

                This tool may help to decrypt system files on DEX consoles ;-)

                Greetings fly out to (no order):

                                – Rupan (nice works dude !)

                                – CrashSerial

                                – Defyboy

                                – Kakaroto

                                – NDT

                                – eussNL

                                – Mas

                                – Naehrwert

                                – rms

                                – The others I’ve forgotten…


                .oO Heden / DeLiGhT’2012 Oo.


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