Shootout: Xbox 360 Vs. PS3. Which Is The Best Console?

December 13, 2012

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Category 1: Graphical Power

When you’re talking about the raw graphical specs of both of these systems, both offer a pretty formidable option in terms of the hardware they use. Starting with the PS3, we’ve got an NVIDIA RSX “Reality Synthesizer” chip. The overall clock speeds put it in at a reasonably fast 550 MHz with 256MB RAM on the card. By the 2006 release standards, this was a strong contender, and even today developers have managed to squeeze quite a bit out of it for the generation. When you’re talking about how the games actually look when being output through this chip, it’s going to vary between first and second place among the three major competitors. Regardless, in most cases the performance of this card remains strong, and only the most picky of gamers will venture to level much heavy criticism against it.


All that being said, the only reason any criticism exists at all is because of the Xbox 360. Despite the fact that it may be clocked at  a lower overall speed of 500 MHz, there is plenty of other hardcore data that suggests the ATI based processor has superior performance over the RSX. After all, it does boast a full 512MB RAM, which is going to give it just a little bit more overall punch, but that’s not even the last of it. The 360 also has an additional 10MB of eRAM that adds 256 GBps of video bandwidth to Sony’s 22.4GBps. From the specs point alone then, you can see why the 360 has almost almost always been considered the best in graphics for the generation. It will sometimes be beat by the PS3 for specific games, but in general it is usually the system to beat.

Winner: Xbox 360

There might be some serious discussion about the graphics of these 2 consoles but what about the library of games for each?

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