Showtime 4.0 XMB ICON Contest

July 30, 2012

With Showtime 4.0 around the corner, the author is hosting a contest for a new XMB icon and is asking for all you creative people out there for help.  The latest 4.0 version is promised to have a complete new UI and experience for the user.

To quote:

Andoma is getting ready to release Showtime 4.0!

Showtime 4.0 will feature a totally new user interface and experience. Thats why the Showtime Team is looking for a new xbm icon that will reflect this new era.

xmb icon:

320 x 176 size
No copyright images
Raw file (PSD, AI..)

How to submit entries:

Reply to this thread with a sample image (PNG/JPEG…).
Send the sample image to

Other ps3 sites you can participate too!

How winner is chosen:

8/18/2012 is the final date for submission
Showtime Team will review all the entries and declare a winner.
Winner will receive credit for their artwork.



Showtime Team #showtime


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