Showtime Gets Some Updates

September 22, 2012

One feature I like is that you wont lose “resume playback” if you accidentally start your video from the beginning. Other additions include plugin categories and  faster seeking.

On similar news PlayStation 3 developer Deank, known for multiMAN, has compiled what he calls a “dirty” release for those who would like to use this test build within multiMAN. Please note that you can also download the update within multiMAN.


Changelog History:


  • Add support for setting custom movie titles directly from the item popup menu
  • Fixes #1213


  • Add an action in settings->general to clear the entire metadb item table.
  • Safeguarded with a popup as it is a non-revocable action.
  • Fixes #1218


  • PS3: When seeking using L2/R2, rescale seek delta based on duration of feature
  • In principle this make it so that the user can always seek from beginning to end in ~2 seconds regardless of how long the currently playing media is.


  • Add Exit and Standby as items in the page popup menu
  • Fixes #1042
  • Fixes #1184


  • Only reset screensaver timer if movie is actually playing
  • Fixes #1022
  • Fixes #1115


  • Add support for plugins that can replace certain parts of the UI


  • Add support for categorization of plugins
  • When browsing available plugins they will appear under a category instead of a single long list


  • TMDB: Let user choose which language to use for TMDB
  • Also lets user choose if to display the original title or translated title


  • Don’t set resume time for videos if current position
  • This makes sure the user does not accidentally lose the resume position if restarting the video from beginning by mistake


  • Let ‘mark as seen’ create entry in item table if it does not exist
  • Fixes #1175


  • Improve Showtime’s response time to play/pause events
  • Fixes #1180

Download: Showtime Test Build 4.1.100

Download: Showtime Test Build 4.1.100 Dirty (by Deank)

Source: lonelycoder via psx-scene

Tags: ps3 media player, ps3 mkv player, Showtime, showtime media player

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