Showtime now adds the ability to delete files

May 30, 2013

Showtime Media Center for the PS3 has recieved some new updates from developer Andreas Öman.  Some of the changes of recent include various bug fixes, FTP Support, and the ability to delete files from within Showtime. These are testing builds so there could issues or errors that have not been idenfied. The last “STABLE” version is Version 4.2, anything above 4.2 is consider a testing build. Take a look at the recent changes below in the official changelog from Showtime Developer Andreas Öman.

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Recent Changes (Testing Builds)


Add confirmation when just deleting one file as well


Add support for recursive delete of files
Also, in case when deleting a directory, ask user for confirmation


Add support for deleteing files and empty directories over SMB
Fixes #1062


Support deleting directories (and not only files)
Refs #1062


Make sure we count video as played if we reach 100% of playback


Add support for deleting files.
This currently only works for local file systems and must
be enabled in Settings -> General


Fix bug making 'Refresh metdata...' option in item menu not to work at all


Avoid loading .mkv attachments into RAM
Instead we keep a reference to where in the MKV file the attachment
is located and we can later open a slice of the mkv-file as the attachment.
This combined with the fact that freetype can open fonts from a file
handle reduces the static memory use for attachments to 0 bytes
Fixes #1689 (out of memory (av error -12) with certain MKV files)


Initial attempt of a built-in FTP client in Showtime
To use it enter 'ftp://ip.address.of.ftpserver' in search bar
or create a bookmark (much like the CIFS/SMB client)
Note that the code has only been tested against a few FTP servers
so it's probably still buggy. If you find any problems and want
to report please turn on "FTP logging" in settings:dev and include
the logfile in ticket.


upnp: Include video playback URL in canonical URL
Fixes problem with UPNP servers that just give sequential numbers to
directory items. If just using the URL items would be confused with
other items if video are removed from the directory
Fixes #1697


Add Danish translation


Fix bug that caused "Custom search query" to disappear for video items
Fixes #1696


Fix a bunch of memory leaks




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