Showtime – Official Build v3.1.203 and Unofficial Build v3.1.208

August 29, 2011

Published on 08-28-2011 10:40 PM

Developers Andres Öman, the project leader behind Showtime – Home Theater System, and Red Squirrel, the one who brings us all the unofficial builds while we wait for an official release, are back at again and giving us new official and unofficial builds. While no official announcement has been made about v3.1.203 from , we have included the latest v3.1.208 changelog from the PS3 Showtime Repack.
v3.1.208 Changelog (from previous build):
  • Merge pull request #29 from whyz/master
  • Merge pull request #30 from tomodachi/patch-1
  • added needed dependencies for ubuntu natty 11.04
  • ps3: Add our own sfo.xml
  • ps3: Implement a hdd-based read-ahead cache when streaming video
  • htsp: Include description from EPG in data model
  • Fix problem when upgrading plugins
  • lang cleanup
  • tcp sockets: Move spill buffer to tcpcon_t
  • Add missing prop_unsubscribe() causing memory corruption
  • Added createInt to the plugin documentation
  • spotify: Optimize metadata handling
  • Fix null deref
  • Add support for detection if seeking in a file is a slow operation.
  • Allow service discovery to be disabled
  • httpclient: Don’t fail if we get disconnected during receive of body in 3xx and 4xx requests
  • Fix bug in JSON decoder making it choke on empty dicts
  • js: Fix missing rooting of JSObject

Download ‘Official’ v3.1.203: showtime-3.1.203.g477b9.pkg

Download Red Squirrel’s ‘Official’ v3.1.203: showtime-3.1.203.g477b9.Video.OLD-ICON0.rar (and) showtime-3.1.203.g477b9.TV.rar

Download Red Squirrel’s ‘Unofficial’ v3.1.208: showtime.3.1.208.g64fe20.Video.OLD-ICON0.pkg

Showtime Home:

Showtime Repack Home:

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