Showtime Plugin Update: TMDb v1.1 has been released

June 9, 2013

Developer Facanferff who is known for his many Showtime Plugins is at it once again with a new update to one of his existing plugins TMDb. The developer has released version 1.1 which is packed with many changes since the previous version. This plugin is available via download directly from the Showtime plugin re-depository. For all the details in this update checkout the official release quote provided below


Release Quote from Developer facanferff


– Add: Support for specifying 3 search sources (in Movie View, only suppots PLX playlists at the moment)
– Add: Browse movie in Youtube (in Movie View, requires Youtube plugin to be installed)
– Add: Play Now button (in Movie View, if clicked it will play the video specified in the URI)
– Add: Show all lists that contain a movie (in Movie View)
– Add: Make plugin design independent of Oceanus plugin (user without Oceanus plugin couldn’t load See more lists)
– Add: Search for a list
– Add: Show if a movie was marked as favorite (in Movie View)
– Add: Show if a movie was marked as watchlist (in Movie View)
– Add: Choose background for current movie (in Movie View)
– Add: Choose poster for current movie (in Movie View)
– Add: Browse most popular people
– Add: Allow user add movie to watchlist
– Add: Browse a list by id
– Add: Hide Favorite/Watchlist button if movie was already marked
– Add: Kids In Mind’s Parents Guide (in Movie View)
– Fix: Search would not work if user specified 2 or more words separated by spaces
– Fix: User would not be logged in after some uses
– Fix: If a movie/person had no poster the screen would be somewhat corrupted
– Fix: In Genres page, movie titles would not show
– Fix: In some cases, when a subrequest (i.e. favorites in user view) failed, the page would not show up
– Enhancement: Better Search movie by title algorithm (only observable externally, i.e.: TMDb View in Navi-X) (See Note 1)
– Enhancement: Improve slightly Genres page design
– Enhancement: Improve Movie View loading time


– The plugin is now available for install in Plugin Central inside Showtime.


– andoma: for creating Showtime

– Tyrant: for Beta Testing the plugin


For full experience, use the latest Navi-X and Youtube plugins available.

Special Note:

If you like this or any other plugin of my authority, please think about donating via Bitcoin or Paypal using the respective button available at facanferff’s Official Website


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