Showtime Update v3.5.121

April 12, 2012

Andreas Öman is back again with his Showtime media player to give us a nice little update to address some issues in the last build. Showtime has been updated again to bring it to version 3.5.121 and has one real fix in it.  This update addresses DVD playback which is something that wasn’t working correctly in the last version. Have a read of the change log below.


ps3: Fix DVD playback

Showtime should now be able to play back both ISO files and
VIDEO_TS DVD folders.

Fixes #507
Fixes #921


ps3: Fix playback of 3.0 audio

Fixes #914


ps3: Fix support for 4.0 audio channel layout

Fixes #886


ps3: Round timestamps to ms precision before feeding them to the SPU decoder

For some unholy reason the SPU decoder seems to hang when timestamps are not
rounded to ms precision. I've no idea why.

Fixes #640
Fixes #662
Fixes #890


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