Showtime v4.3x (Testing Build) Released

May 29, 2013

Showtime is being constantly updated for test-builds for those of you who want to stay up to date on your media servers.  These new revisions in version 4.3.x bring various new features, and fix a handful of bugs and problems. More information below:


Add support for recursive delete of files

Also, in case when deleting a directory, ask user for confirmation

Add support for deleteing files and empty directories over SMB

Fixes #1062

Support deleting directories (and not only files)

Refs #1062

Make sure we count video as played if we reach 100% of playback

Add support for deleting files.

This currently only works for local file systems and must
be enabled in Settings -> General

Fix bug making ‘Refresh metdata…’ option in item menu not to work at all

Avoid loading .mkv attachments into RAM

Instead we keep a reference to where in the MKV file the attachment
is located and we can later open a slice of the mkv-file as the attachment.

This combined with the fact that freetype can open fonts from a file
handle reduces the static memory use for attachments to 0 bytes

Fixes #1689 (out of memory (av error -12) with certain MKV files)

Initial attempt of a built-in FTP client in Showtime

To use it enter ‘ftp://ip.address.of.ftpserver’ in search bar
or create a bookmark (much like the CIFS/SMB client)

Note that the code has only been tested against a few FTP servers
so it’s probably still buggy. If you find any problems and want
to report please turn on “FTP logging” in settings:dev and include
the logfile in ticket.

upnp: Include video playback URL in canonical URL

Fixes problem with UPNP servers that just give sequential numbers to
directory items. If just using the URL items would be confused with
other items if video are removed from the directory

Fixes #1697

Add Danish translation

Fix bug that caused “Custom search query” to disappear for video items

Fixes #1696

Fix a bunch of memory leaks

upnp: Correctly bind playcount, restartpos metadata for video items

After a recent other fix some metadata bound to UPnP items were lost

Fixes #1693

Fix broken settings for TMDB (Did not save ‘use original title’ to disk)

Fixes #1694

Fix problem with video codec opened before last one is closed in continous playback

This would cause crashes on PS3 when playing in continous mode

Fix recently introduced memory leak

Fixes #1677

Add support for XMP (Extentable Module Player) playback

This allows playback of old school music modules (from decades ago)

For more info see:

Also try out the new “The Mod Archive” App if you are interested in this

Add a new HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) streamer

This new streamer supports adaptive rate switching between different
bitrates (and resolution) depending on the available bandwidth.

It will also start faster and seek faster due to the fact that it use
the lowest available bitrate during these events

Make “autoplay next video in list” work for UPNP

Fixes #1680

GLW: Rework video display pipeline

This makes it possible to switch resolution of video on-the-fly,
will be needed when doing seamless HLS bitrate switching.

Also happens to fix bug #603

Improve A/V Syncing.

In particular make sure we reach A/V sync faster after seeking

ps3: Fix broken navigation

Most visible error was that up/down didn’t work on home page

Fixes #1669

Add support for reading splitted files transparently

For local file systems (such as internal HD, connected USB drives, etc)
Showtime can now automatically concat files named foo.001, foo.002, …
into one file.

Some tools that can do these types of splits
FFSJ, HJ-Split, WinSplit, MasterSplitter…

Note that this is not the same thing as splitting a file with MKV tools

Fixes #1193

Add multi language support to TheTVDB integration

Fixes #1544

Fix recent regression causing vertical lines in images on PS3

Fixes #1617

Add support for sorting on filename and date when browsing over UPNP

Make sure metadata scanner stops when we leave a directory

Also fix possible crashes related to those occations
Fixes #1601

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