Sidetone Fixes! – PS3 OFW 4.20 Is Out

June 26, 2012

Ever since February, PS3 stereo headset users have been suffering from the permanent addition of the “Sidetone” feature Sony added in their 4.10 OFW.  Today, the frustration of your own voice is put to rest!

4.20 OFW is now live, and users who download the update will notice straight away the fixes that have been implemented.  After tweaking the settings in 4.20 myself, my headset no longer decides to let me hear once again what I have already said.  The sidetone feature can be turned off, or have the volume adjusted if for some reason you like the feature.  The  list of additions in the firmware are below:

“Based on your comments, system software update (v4.20) will improve “sidetone” audio performance by giving you the option to select one out of five levels for microphone audio or give you the option to turn this feature off completely.

For those of you who use the “Wireless Stereo Headset “to watch Blu-ray or DVD movies on your PS3 system, this system software update will also enable virtual surround sound functionality giving you a superior audio experience.

We have also improved saved data management. You will now be able to select multiple saved data items and delete them or copy them as a group.”

These are some decent fixes, however the best feature is definitely this sidetone fix.

Leave your feedback down below on what you think of the new OFW, and whether the sidetone “problem” really bothered you or not!

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