Simple PS3Updates Simply Updated To 1.6

April 29, 2013

The guys at SubZero Designs have put together a new version of their Simple PS3Updates application. Like the name suggests, the application will fetch update package files for whichever game you want, in which can be manually installed to your PS3. Useful for when your console does not have an active Internet connection while your computer does. For those already using the app, here are the changes introduced in version 1.6 Build #1F:

  • Replaced: List file to MS Access Database
  • Added: Save Links to DB – Options / Database
  • Added: Copy Games DB Entry to Personal DB
  • Added: Notes to DB – Includes Image Import
  • Added: Export(Search) / Import DB(Update)
  • Added: Editable DB Rich Text Info
  • Added: New Entry to DB – Includes Image Import
  • Added: Search DB in Games, Links, Personal
  • Added: Asc, Desc Search DB in Games, Links, Personal
  • Added: Remove UnWanted Split string function – Settings/Options
  • Added: A few more visual enhancements and improvements.
    Including but not limited too
    • Download PS3 Game IDs list
    • Skinnable menu icons
    • Single Click DB Entry – Double Click PS3 Update
    • Ability to click links in Notes
    • Clickable Preview Image – View in Main
    • Deleteable Image – Editing DB Entry
    • Skin error Description
      And many more
  • Removed: Notes.txt – See: Notes to DB
  • Removed: Save Links to 0 byte files – See: Save Links to DB

You can download Simple PS3Updates 1.6 below.


Download / Source

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