Simple PS3Updates v1.6 Build 2 Final

May 21, 2013

Scene Developer Quake of SubZero Dezigns has followed up on his previous update of the PlayStation 3 Homebrew app, Simple PS3Updates. This takes the version to v1.6 and it’s the second build. This Update adds the missing key elements that were supposed to be in the first version of this final build. Just for a refresher, the application will fetch update package files for whichever game you want, in which can be manually installed to your PS3. Useful for when your console does not have an active Internet connection while your computer does. Check out the full changelog below:


Simple PS3Updates v1.6 Build 2 Final

Here’s the change log and what was missed on the last release also.

v1.6 Build 2 Final

  • Added: Backup
  • Added: Cover Path – Single click Preview panel
  • Added: Search Options on Search form
  • Added: Multi Cover Download Urls – Settings / Covers
  • Added: Right Click Menu – Covers / Path, Google search / Url Server/’s (Multiple – Settings/Covers)
  • Added: Right Click Menu – PicPreview – Default Viewer, Explore Dir, Open Dir
  • Added: Message Box’s to the Add funtion
  • Moved: Link search results from Main to List>Text form
  • Tweaked: Form Displays – Search, Settings
  • Removed: Maximize – System tray menu
  • Fixed: System tray menu – Close Alt+F4 – Hard Closing
  • Fixed: List Resize Display
  • Fixed: Dupes for Save Links
  • Fixed: Save Links Not recording Game ID’s, Game Names
  • Notes: Use the search with Links and do a blank search. Find the GameID in the url and re-Fetch Or, Simply re-Fetch all your games.

v1.6 Build 1 Final

  • Replaced: List file to MS Access Database
  • Added: Save Links to DB – Options / Database
  • Added: Copy Games DB Entry to Personal DB
  • Added: Notes to DB – Includes Image Import
  • Added: Export (Search) / Import DB (Update)
  • Added: Editable DB Rich Text Info
  • Added: New Entry to DB – Includes Image Import
  • Added: Search DB in Games, Links, Personal
  • Added: Asc, Desc Search DB in Games, Links, Personal
  • Added: Asc, Desc Search DB GameID, GameName in Games, Links, Personal
  • Added: DB, Table names in Search
  • Added: Remove UnWanted Split string function – Settings/Options
  • Added: Scroll with Arrow buttons – Up, Down, Left, Right
  • Added: Fetch on Enter button
  • Added: ReSize
  • Added: Cover Path
  • Added: A few more visual enhancements and improvements.
  • Including but not limited too
  • Download PS3 Game IDs list
  • Skinnable menu icons
  • Single Click DB Entry – Double Click PS3 Update
  • Ability to click links in Notes
  • Clickable Preview Image – View in Main
  • Deleteable Image – Editing DB Entry
  • Skin error Description
  • And many more

Removed: Notes.txt – See: Notes to DB
Removed: Save Links to 0 byte files – See: Save Links to DB
Fixed: back.bmp, list.bmp Skin paths on first open

Download: Simple PS3Updates v1.6 Build 2 Final / Simple PS3Updates v1.6 Build 2 Final (Installer) / GameDB: Database 4044 IDs / 39 Un-Named IDS

Tags: CFW, homebrew, Quake, simple ps3updates

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