Skype finally allows you to talk while in game on the Vita.

June 2, 2013

It’s such a small change, yet it is one that I have been waiting for since I first got Skype on my Vita. When the Skype compatibility was announced (if memory serves me well) they stated that it would be possible to talk while playing games with your friends, which seemed like a great idea; especially where multiplayer games such as Phantasy Star are concerned. However; this was not the case. Soon after the release, it was discovered that there was no way to minimize Skype without ending the call, and yet another promise was destroyed.

Finally however; it’s possible. It came as quite a surprise to me as I was using Skype on my Vita just last night and it was still not possible then, but a small update has come along which now enables this feature. The sad thing is that this is actually the most excited I’ve been for the Vita in quite some time, but I digress.

Now, you can use the PS Button on the Vita to minimize Skype and can only end the call by opening the Skype application and ending it manually. I’m almost certain this would close video, or the call altogether if video were running however which is a shame but no surprise at all.

On a final note: I’d just like to thank NNNRT for alerting me to this, as I probably would have glanced over it for a while since the reason I rarely used Skype on my Vita was due to the inability to use it while in game.

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