Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC somewhat working on a Playstation 3

December 2, 2012

You’re tired of waiting for Bethesda to release their DLC for the PS3? UnknownArchive has managed to run the Dawnguard PC files on his PS3.

Sorry for the HORRIBLE quality of the video. My capture setup is barely functional and can only capture off AV cables. This is a small project I have been working on for the last week. Today marks the first day I could accomplish some of the missions, fight some of the creatures, and enter some of the locations. Still a number of things that don’t work. Some locations crash, some creatures don’t move, and it appears a number of debugging highlights are activated. Things that do work are a number of the additional locations, legendary dragons are working, dragon bone weapons can be crafted and improved, you can craft arrows, etc. Access to Dawnguard armor, vampire armor when looting someone with it. Can steal/loot crossbow, but attempting to use it will crash the game. Occasionally you’ll see Babette (From the assassins) wandering around out in the wild, usually next to a dead body.

This is how he has done it:

very minimal work. Added the pc DLC to ps3 via ftp and added it like ps3 dlc. And if you read what I just said out loud it’s funny as hell.

Thanks to urbananonymous for the news tip.

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