Skyrim Interface Mod Goes Live

April 29, 2012

Well 2012 is looking to be a good year for PS3 game mods even if it’s the end of the world.  Last week we had a release that turned Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas into one awesome game and now we have an interface mod for Skyrim… that’s right Skyrim. OK is everyone settled back down?  I know there are some Skyrim fanatics out there who start to froth at the mouth when the name of the game is even mentioned but I need to move forward with this article. First let’s all thank DEREKTROTTER for his work, his mod promises to let you take advantage of extra control options and a few extra perks like lockpick PRO, Custom Loading Screen, and Magic Card 2 Font. Below is the full release note from DEREKTROTTER.

PS3 Modded Skyrim INTERFACE

Silent657 for Tools
SkyrimNexus for Mods

Transfer the file “SKYRIM – INTERFACE.BSA” to the following location:
hdd0 > game > ( BLES01329 or BLUS30778 ) > USRDIR
Overwriting the current one.


Hotkey 1: Left D-Pad.
Hotkey 2: Down D-Pad.
Hotkey 3: Right D-Pad.
Quick Magic: Square + Left D-Pad.
Quick Map: Square + Down D-Pad.
Quick Inventory: Square + Right D-Pad.
Quick Stats: Square + Up D-Pad.
Favorites: Up D-Pad.
Quicksave: Square + Select.
Quickload: Square + Start.
Zoom in: Square + R1.
Zoom out: Square + L1.
Automove: Square + L3.

All quest targets green
All discovered towns blue
All undiscovered towns red.

Custom Loading Screen
Lockpick PRO
Magic Card 2 Font (from Morrowmind)

Now I don’t have or play this game in anyway or really have any interest in it and I know there are people out there who will condemn me to death based on that statement alone (remember those fans I mentioned above).  But any mod for a game is worth checking out and at the very least mention, and even if the Skyrim fans do come after me I’ll just keep yelling Skyrim until they all fall victim to a seizurish fit.

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