Slim, slimmer, the slimmest – Will the PS Vita Slim launch in Europe and North America soon?

January 28, 2014

The PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000)

Some of you have already seen that there is a second hardware model of the PS Vita, the PS Vita Slim, or PS Vita 2000. It has a different display, a slightly changed design and another few additional changes.

The PS Vita 2000, like the PS Vita TV, is currently just available in the Asian regions of the world, and is not yet available in Europe or north America, but this could change very soon!

Our friends over at IGN got an invitation from sony, which reads that we can expect a new introduction to the slimmest.

Since the PS4 is brand new, and we already had 2 revisions of a slimmer PS3, we can most likely expect it to be the Playstation Vita Slim, which has yet to be released outside of the asian parts of the world. It could also be the PS Vita TV, but that is pretty unlikely, especially after that obvious slim phrase.

Picture originally by IGN

We will know more about this mysterious note in a few days, but currently we just can speculate what Sony is up to. It can be the PS Vita Slim, it can be a very early PS4 Slim or even a PS3 Super (Ultra) Slim… Let’s hope it is not the latter, we don’t need yet another PS3 hardware revision…

A PS Vita Slim running a revision of the TN eCFW - A CTF theme is currently applied

While we are waiting for the official announcement, keep in mind that the PS Vita Slim, even though it features a few new things in comparision with the original (fat) PS Vita, it is still able to run the Vita Half Byte Loader and the emulator Custom Firmwares for the PS Vita (Currently only the TN eCFW, since the ARK eCFW has yet to be updated to FW 2.50+, the initial firmware of the PS Vita Slim).

If you want to grab a PS Vita Slim, be sure to follow the tutorials of the great minds of the wololo forums, like the (selected/manual) updating of a PS Vita, this would be my research, the PS3 + OpenCMA trick and of course all of the great work of the developers of the PS Vita Half Byte Loader and Total_Noob for his great work in the PSP and PS Vita scene.
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