Snakes on a origami Kite, 3K3Y to nothing and E3:

April 30, 2013

You know what people say about being too much time being silent (and idle).
Who knows maybe you start to hear better hence you are in complete silence or just ignoring your surroundings. This “phenomena” could happen for 3 reasons:

1) You have something detrimental to say but you choose to keep it.
2) You are watching things evolve and fall apart from a safe distance.
3) You are about to explode in anger.

Maybe those 3 reasons were enough to stay silent, away and watching.

I’m not surprised about what i saw.
I saw setbacks, advances, random fights about being ethical or some tantrum about having morals or not having them at all.

So i will state some points that caught my attention and for a while not talk about them them maybe for being “taboo” or knowing that should ignite some ice-cold jab to the ones who don’t read/listen enough.


Where is COBRA ODE and what happened to 3K3Y?:

Latest news from those venomous snakes (weird fixation on them if you ask me) was on = 4 – 04 – 2013.
Showing that awful PCB and some W.I.P.

Hence 3K3Y done their move and i have to give them some Kudos for releasing their product and having 3 reviews. Most important one is from Brakk3n.

They never removed this from their website but they remove them from features:

*We are working on hardware methods for extracting keys from PS3′s already on 4.x firmware.*

Both of them keep claiming that they are working on hardware methods for those lost in limbo that have as 4.x OFW and they can’t do pretty much anything with their retail consoles, only play on PSN with retails.

But seems or it’s only me that it’s thinking a little out of the box about Cobra that they went too far with their own statements:

2k,2k5k,3k and 4k series slim and super slim consoles. Cobra ODE is the first truly universal PS3 ODE bringing maximum convenience to end users and resellers alike.

Really?…the only one who got balls to release some product and avoid getting butchered for not delivering some solution to 3K/4K users were 3K3Y.
Don’t get me wrong here im just using each *company* statements to try to figure out who is trying so hard not to lie to end users and lure brainwashed or just *i don’t want to read and just buy* future costumers to their own ranks.

Oh almost forget that one…yeah that one! E3 PS3 glitcher and E3 Drive EMU Board which for the first time they don’t promised “free gifts” for the ones lucky enough to pre-order “it”. (Insert random adjective here).

“Free gifts”


It’s just another web of lies?:

They are expecting to PS4 and Xbox 720 release (nothing new here) and the BAM you will probably get all those free solutions that got “encapsulated” all this years just to make more money.

Im not saying that someone hide the “key” and just play dumb all this time.
Just stating something that probably and most of us have a “hunch” that eventually will happen.

No need to get more attention on PS3 anymore and “they” (connect dots if you don’t want to i don’t blame ya’) eventually will give some green light to make pretty much the f@$ we want with our systems.

Hey! but watch it! don’t be so naïve and expect some softmod solution.
Or you don’t remember PS2 with chip Matrix how many years have passed until someone can run stable backups, etc.

Random leaks will start to appear on god forsaken places with weird usernames and pirates as brew lovers finally (and probably) will get along at last.


Last thing:

Many HAX users, i mean people who help other people on the board.
I think they are TIRED of replying the same question all the time.

3K and 4K series of PS3:

1) NO DOWNGRADE POSSIBLE. (until someone decides to risk his/her neck).


Yours truly. (lol)


[Sources] = 3K3Y / COBRA ODE / E3

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