Snowydew Has A New PS3 Tool For You!

May 22, 2012

If you find yourself getting tired of Showtime updates and want to see a really cool tool for your PS3 Snoweydew has got something for you…

A developer by the name of Snowydew has delivered a handy new program with the ability to decrypt and re-encrypt the PS3’s edat files.  But don’t be fooled as this program is more than just that.  It has a few other abilities, some of which have yet to be fully tested but I’m sure a lot of devs will be interested in it.  I do have to remind  you that it’s still in need of a little work so be ready for updates as time goes on and take it for what it’s worth.

The tools allow for decryption and re encryption of edat, can preform iso.bin.edat extraction, can further decrypt eboot.pbp’s / eboot.bins for further game modifiying. Decryption of act.dat and rif keys, the re encryption part however isn’t 100% since we are missing a variable or two, but we can resign them as free npdrm without sony tools. A large portion of npdrm right here. It “CAN” do it, it’s not implemented just yet. It requires testing though.
The encrypton process is a PoC until bytes 0xb0 – 0x100 are figured out
There is some goodies in the files, check it out if interested in psp,ps1, etc on your ps3.

Snowydew> so the decryption as it stands right now, an do iso.bin.edat, requires idps, rif and act.dat for the games. re-encryption i believe it needs the “fake” signed ones, as well as an idps (not sure on the idps) however the second method only requires the idps and the .rap file. this does not cover licenseing games i believe (It could, but we haven’t tested it) the re-encryption algo is in the encryption one, but again haven’t been able to test it completely (reason i was asking around on twitter awhile back)

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