So FIFA…What’s New With You?

June 30, 2012

I’m a huge FIFA fan, and you can tell by the previous FIFA related articles I have written. Well I’m going to continue to follow suit and explain to you what the newest title has to offer…

Let’s start with the revolutionary new AI. It’s always difficult to program instructions for the AI on sports games and like many of you would be aware of, FIFA has had its fair share of problems. With the new and improved AI however, the developers have managed to add more humane personalities to the players, because lets face it…real player aren’t always perfect and neither should their virtual versions be.

With the new AI, the gamer controlling their player must take as much as they can into account including; the skill of their player, the weather conditions and the opposing player they are facing up to. These changes have improved the AI and made it more intelligent but at the same time, increased that realism that we crave so much in the game.

Next on the agenda is the new and improved true control, in previous versions of FIFA, the developers have made it apparent that you have t360 degree control of your player and the ball, which was true but just didn’t seem quite right. Now however, your player will have all this control but instead of having to be facing the ball and running exactly where the ball goes, you can stand face to face with your opponent and knock the ball in any direction you wish. That’s pretty suave if you ask me.

Final ladies and gentlemen, there is the impact engine…that bloody impact engine. The engine that caused awful problems like this! Well hopefully this will be no more, with the new intelligent AI and the improved impact engine, the game will create realistic tackles, your players will make decisions based on how risky the outcome will be and won’t end up flying across the pitch or getting tangled up with opposing players and making a weird glitchy bundle.

I hate to drag on, but one last note guys…

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