So The Infinity Dongle Isn’t From Team Matrix, Who Then?

July 14, 2012

What semeed to be another dongle in the works, this time by Team Matrix, has turned out to be quite false. False in the sense that they aren’t working on anything related at all.

That’s right, what seemed as a promising product coming from the same team who have it going for them in the Xbox and PS2 scenes has made it clear that some other team is trying to hide behind their name, for whatever reasons. Here’s what they had to say:

Matrix Team, producer of popular products such as Matrix Infinity, Matrix Glitcher Series, Matrix Freedom PCB etc. would like to clearly state we are not involved in any way in the announced ‘Infinity Dongle’ for Playstation 3.

If this product is not a fake the people behind it are clearly trying to profit from Matrix Team excellent reputation in both production quality and product support to improve their sales.

Any real Matrix Team product will always be announced first on our official website:

Best regards, The Matrix Team!

Whoever these guys are, they have made it far enough to release a picture of what the dongle is expected to look like. There hasn’t been any new information regarding anything else.

Source: PS3Crunch

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